take your broken, DIYed brand from hot mess to YASSSS!!


redesigning                    brand visual aesthetics For coaches, ready to ditch their 9-5 and  

hot mess


into an ideal 
 client magnet

WE are on a mission to help female ceos build thier own table so they no longer have to hustle to sit at someone elses.

If your're ready, keep scrolling!

Wrong Clients

It's handled! Your messy logo, unfinished website, & confusing copy...Everything that's setting your brand identity back + address.....


Here  you are, exhausted with conducting business in a way that is draining and unnatural to you. You have DIYed your business to a plateau and your trying to plan what's next. 
Hiring a team to get you out of this mess is what's next!

Think of us as the Olivia Pope  + Co  of Your brand identity design!

Unappealing visuals

"My business needs a facelift +i'm sick of this job wasting my time" 

sound familiar?

You spend your time at work thinking about your business. You are sick and tired of working for someone else.  Your business is bringing in enough revenue for you to tell your boss you quit, but the visuals ain't hitting how they need to and you want to do some refining prior to transitioning out of your 9-5. 

stop thinking about it and be about it!

How would it feel to finally scale your business full time and feel confident that you are showing up authentically and professionally?

To be positioned to increase your revenue because you are now focusing on what you love and not all the other things.?

Authentic, irresistible, and captivating, that is what your brand has the ability to become. It is more than any color, logo, or website. Your brand is how you serve your clients, connect with them and create a one of a kind experience. 

Fine tuning your brand with OC Design Co is about combining your unique story, with your unmatched coaching and presenting it in a package that is irresistible. Choosing the Brand Refinement will give you a 5 week intensive that will remove your habits of being inauthentic, attracting wrong clients, and having visuals that don't sell. 

After the completion of The Brand Refinement Intensive you will no longer worry about your website, return to doing the things you love in your business, confidence in all your visual brand aesthetics and finally be able to tell Bob at work to "kiss your natural ass'' (Nah sis we're going to keep it classy lol, but he will be getting that 2 weeks notice)


is the time to step into the CEO that you are destined to


If You are ready to:

Implement a logo designed specifically for your ideal client

Launch a website that attracts your ideal client to help you save time in your side hustle  

Receive honest feedback on what your visuals are saying right now

Apply for intensive
"Before I invested in my business it was a constant battle between Showing up as myself & being who I thought people wanted me to be."

Lindsay Tramel-Jones

I struggled to show up in my business authentically because I was  doing things that I didn't like nor did they come natural to me. I was allowing things that I didn't believe in hold me back. I was following what others were doing instead of doing what was meant for me. I was a hot mess in a nice package. 

It wasn't until I hired a professional to help me clean up my brand and transform it into an agency that is evolving side hustlers into full time entrepreneurs.  

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