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Our agency is on a mission to help DEI companies and organizations  become a powerhouse in their industry through authentic branding. We equip companies with consistent and cohesive  branding while positioning them to evoke change in  corporate spaces.

We know our clients have outgrown the cookie cutter brand and are ready to remove the proverbial mask that they've had on their business. 

Build an Authentic Brand That Wows Corporate Clients.


We are here to help take of that mask off.

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It's handled! Your messy logo, outdated website, & confusing copy...Everything that's setting your brand back and preventing you from moving forward.

Your small coaching business has evolved from a one person company to a full scale organization that consists of specialized individuals  working together to make the company's mission happen. With all this growth, a rebrand is inevitable. 


Think of us as the Olivia Pope  + Co  of Your Rebrand!

Our team of experts evolve your brand so you are prepared for longevity and ready to change the corporate culture one business at a time

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You could piecemeal a team of people together that you have been following on social media and hire one person for each task: strategy, copywriting, web design, and logo creation and hope that their schedules align.

You could hire a small boutique branding agency that has a team ready to handle your entire rebrand under one roof while saving you time on researching, interviewing and project management 

The more business savvy option is to employ a small boutique branding agency that has a team ready to handle the entire rebrand under one roof. This option saves time on researching, using resources, scheduling multiple interviews and project management. 

There is an option to piecemeal a team of people together. With this option, your organizational would have to vet and hire one person for each task: strategy, copywriting, web design, and logo creation and hope that their schedules align.


But where do you start?

"OUr new direction and growth doesn't align with our brand"

sound familiar?

That feeling of being misaligned occurs when grow as a CEO.  Growth is uncomfortable,  The feeling of growth causes physical effects to your body. It's a feeling of something isn't right.

The fact that you are here says that you are ready for that change. 

 Our branding agency  refines your business foundation & streamlines your brand to be dynamic while removing that uneasy feeling of misalignment  

How would it feel to finally be confident that you are showing up authentically and professionally? To stop selling your new product on a google document? To stop relying on Instagram to sell your service?

To be positioned to confidently show up in corporate spaces knowing that have a clear understanding of what your business stands for.

PSA: As a busy CEO, you should be hiring people to handle things that are out of your zone of genius not battling that gut wrenching feeling in your stomach cased by being out of your lane. 

Bridget knows how it feels.


Authentic, irresistible, and captivating, that is what your brand has the ability to become. It is more than any color, logo, or website. Your brand is how you serve your clients, connect with them and create a one of a kind experience. 

Rebranding your company with OC Design Co is about combining your company's unique story, with your unmatched DEI program in a package that is irresistible. Choosing the Brand Refinement will give you an intensive that will remove traits of being inauthentic, having confusing messaging, and having visuals that don't sell. 

After the completion of The Brand Refinement Intensive you will no longer worry about your website, return to doing the things you love in your business, confidence in all your visual brand aesthetics and finally be able to pitch your program to corporate clients. 


is the time to position your business as a DEI powerhouse! 

If You are ready to:

Implement copy created specifically for your target market.

Launch a website that attracts your target market to help you save time.  

Receive clarification & find your brand voice and positioning.

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