Do you want to stop wasting time on the wrong people? 


 Transforming             , Service Based SIDE HUSTLES For Professional career women,                         THEM TO understand and speak the language of their ideal clients 



Authentic, productive, and transformative, that is what your brand has the ability to become. It is more than any color, logo, or website. Your brand is how you serve your clients, connect with them and create a one of a kind experience. 

Empowering your brand with OC Design Co is about combining your unique story, with your unmatched service, and innovative process all while we guide you every step of the way.


you just want a logo or the pretty elements, this     


If You are ready to:

Develop a strategy that increases productivity.

Create a visual identity that attracts your ideal client to help you save time in your side hustle  

Gain clarity in who you are as a business owner and show up authentically. 

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wrong Clients 

wasted time

What part of the hustle are you tired of?

UnProductive Website


You no longer have to hustle in your business, there's a solution that will eliminate the obligation of hustling & leave you with options while simultaneously elevating your business. 

Let your brand do all the work! 

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"Lindsay provided me with surprise resources to help me with my process. The First Class Experience was Just what I needed to help me elevate my business" 


Courtney Brown

Side Hustle-
Wedding Stationery Designer

Middle School Teacher

A one of a kind experience that is exclusively reserved for entrepreneurs needing a week long brand intensive that includes coaching + website refresh

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"Before I invested in my business it was a constant battle between being productive & saving Time"

Lindsay Tramel-Jones

Being overworked + underpaid, I struggled to show up in my side hustle authentically because I was mentally exhausted from my 9-5. Giving up felt like the only solution because when I did get clients, they were the wrong ones, they didn't value my work and only added stress. I was so worn out and ready to let my dream go and allow my 9-5 to be my only option.   

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Sis, I promise you that entrepreneurship doesn't have to be this way, there is a way out. You deserve better & you can take the hustle out of Side Hustle.