Who Is your Target Audience?


Hey ya’ll!

I didn’t do a Thursday Thoughts on my Instagram because I knew I had an entire blog to put these thoughts on. Sorry followers, but you’re going to get these thoughts on a blog today. LOL. If you have been reading my blog you know that my first post was a letter to my ideal client and my second post discussed the relationship between designers and clients. Both were centered around being a brand specialist. However, this post right here is for any business owner. Make sure you read carefully and pick up all these nuggets!!

As business owners we are really excited for the visuals. Our colors, our logo, the website, and business cards. Those things are exciting. I remember when I first got my business cards. I wanted to just run around KCMO and hand them out to people just because. I contemplated disturbing the peace by making it rain with my business cards in the heartland. I know, that’s shameful. But trust me, I get the excitement. It is a natural feeling to get excited about those things. However, before you start thinking of all the visuals, you have to identify your target audience. Honestly, the brand isn’t about you. The brand is about what attracts those clients that you want.

I don’t want my Wal-mart shoppers taking this next comment the wrong way because this is not shading Wal-mart customers. If you want Target customers you can’t build your visual identity to attract Wal-mart customers. Does that make sense? Just like I have to take the me out of designing products for my clients, you have to take the you out of attracting your customers. Don’t allow you to stand in your own way. Before, sending an email inquiring about brand identity or web design know who your target audience is. Write down who you want to attract, what things does those type of people like and what would grab their attention. In the end it is about them and what attracts them to your company.

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