Not Enough Hours in The Day


Hey ya’ll! I know you’re super busy, aren’t we all? I wanted to stop in this week to talk about time management. I get asked all the time, “How do you do it all?” I even ask myself that sometimes. I’m juggling being a mom, planning a wedding, walking my dog, working out, trying to eat right, run a business, being an introverted extrovert and the list keeps going on and on. Yes, my life seems chaotic, but it’s organized. (see what I did there?) To help you out,  I am here to give you a few tips on how I am able to do it all without loosing my sanity.

First, you have to pick a day, any day that you will use to plan out your week. Now it does not have to take up the entire day, but carve out that time to get it done.  My day is Sunday. I use early Sunday mornings to plan out my Instagram post, send out any customer emails, write my blog post for the week and just have everything planned out. This helps during the week because things are on autopilot after that. As a matter of fact I wrote this post on Sunday, May 27, but scheduled it to be published on Thursday, May 31! Having a plan also helps connect all the pieces of your brand. For example, I knew what I was going to write on the blog so it helped me shape my IG post for Thursday also.

Secondly, find apps and programs that help you focus more on the important things. For IG I use the preview app. I want to make sure that my posts aesthetically flow as a thumbnail and as an independent post.  Using the preview app I am able to see what I’m working with prior to posting. For everyday business transactions such as payment reminders, contracts, and invoices I use a CRM  (client resource management). I use Dubsado, but there are so many to choose from such as honeybook, 17hats, and daylight. Just Google CRM for whatever type of business you have and find the one that is right for you. Lastly, if you’re not a photographer, but you need flatlays or some stock photos check out pexals or pixabay. They are free to use and can help give your brand a little edge.  Don’t stress yourself if you don’t have to.

Speaking of stress, let’s get to the final point. TAKE A BREAK! Trust me, I understand trying to create a post for everyday, responding to comments, and trying to be available. It’s ok, you don’t have to post everyday and you don’t have to be available all the time because things can wait. Every Sunday thousands of people want Chick-fil-a and every Sunday those people wait it out. It doesn’t ruin the Chick-fil-a brand. People still go there and the employees get their Sunday breaks so on Monday morning they can finish your transaction with “my pleasure.” I encourage you to take breaks so you are refreshed for your customers.

Don’t let the hours in the day get you down and overwhelm you. Take advantage of the resources that can help you manage all that you have to do. Organize your chaos.

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