Color Talk!!


Hey y’all!!! How are things going? Today I wanted to talk about colors. Something that seems so simple, but conveys a huge message without even needing words. When choosing colors, do not just pick your brand colors all willynilly. Put some thought into it! Just because magenta is your favorite color doesn’t mean it belongs in your brand. Just like words have meanings, colors do too.

Did you know that certain colors evoke certain emotions and feelings?   For example, red, although a complex color when it comes to emotions, ignites passion and love but also anger. No wonder there’s a thin line between love and hate. If you are more partial to red but it doesn’t match your message, consider using rust or a version of orange. Rust has some of the same emotions of red, but not as intense and also adds a playfulness to the brand.

You want to make sure that your colors convey the correct message. Seeing the word “angry” in light yellow font may leave a person confused.  We don’t want to have people lost in translation just because lilac is your favorite color. Also, remember that your customer isn’t an expert in what you do. Each profession has colors, acronyms and jargon that makes sense to those in your career field. However, that doesn’t mean it makes sense to a potential customer.  I feel like I’ve beaten this dead horse, but I’ll say it again. Your brand is not about you and you have to speak to your ideal client.

Think of colors as the non verbals of written communication.  Listen to the input of your brander, there’s a reason why they chose the colors that they did for you. Most brand developers will do their research and make sure that your brand is saying what it needs to and not confusing people. If you don’t see the method to their madness, ask. I’m sure they will be willing to help you understand.

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