Find Your Inspiration


It’s Friday Eve and boy am I glad that it’s here. I’ve been sitting in class all week and I am tired.  A lady needs her rest! If you follow me on IG  or even know me personally, you are aware that Monday was Kenni, my daughter’s, birthday. I am bringing this up because she is a huge inspiration in my life. She inspires me to do better and to chase my dreams.  I want her to have a mother that she is proud of and can look up to. She is more inspirational to me than I think she knows and that is ok, I don’t want her thinking she has the upper hand LOL.

Having someone or something that inspires you is important as you start or continue your business journey. There are days when I want to throw the towel in and call it quits. Days when I question why I am pushing so hard to be successful in this business. All it takes is for me to see her taking notes or picking up on my habits and ethics and I continue to keep pushing. You need that constant reminder to help you stay grounded and strive for more. I’ve told Kenni on several occasions that mediocrity is not an option. If I don’t allow her to be mediocre how can I allow myself?

If you don’t have kids don’t fret, everyone has a different path to walk, kids are not the only source of inspiration.  You have to find  something that keeps you going. Maybe it’s keeping a roof over your head or making enough spare cash to pay for a vacation. There is always something that can inspire you to do more.   If you are unsure of what inspires you, I encourage you to search for it on your down time. Sometimes inspiration comes from within.

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