Networking & Collaboration


Let’s chat about networking and collaboration! Networking is an essential part to growing and building a business. Although networking face to face is awkward to me I understand the importance of it.  For those introverts out there I feel your pain. You just want to sit behind your computer and work in your little corner and hopefully a business will find you. If it were only that easy right? Unfortunately the average new business owner doesn’t have thousands of people lined up to hire them. You have to work for peoples’ business.

While you’re working, grinding, and posting on social media don’t forget the networking portion of business building. Start talking to potential clients. I create for a lot of photographers. To help build up my clientele I put on my extrovert pants and start up conversations. Now, all these conversations are not face to face, trust me, I can be odd at first because half the time I don’t know what to say.  However, I have the option to write comments under their post, join Facebook groups, and participate and comment in group post.  It is all about the baby steps, start small, commenting on an IG or FB post is a lot easier and less awkward than a face to face meet up.

Once you start networking you can start doing some collaborations. Collaborations can help grow your audience as well as the audience of the person you are collaborating with. People are more likely to use your services if they know someone who recommends or vouches for you. Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful types of advertising. On your down time or slow periods, look for collaboration opportunities. I read that you don’t follow your dreams, you climb to them. There’s a lot of work involved, but keep climbing. Get out there start networking and collaborating, I promise you it will pay off.

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