The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.


Hi guys! Take a seat and get comfortable. I am about to spill all the tea on my fiasco. I mean ALL the tea, the good, the bad and the ugly. We hear about people dealing with the good of a situation, the bad, and the ugly all the time. Sometimes we experience it ourselves. Trust me I’ve experienced  the entire trifecta and sometimes all on the same day. It is rather peculiar how they are all so different but all work together. Today I want to let you in on the WF. What is the WF you ask? The WordPress Fiasco. Plugins, and widgets, and themes oh my!

Everyone has their weaknesses when it comes to their craft. We are not good at everything and I am no exception. My weakness is WordPress. I hated having to create websites using WordPress. When someone would ask me about it I would cringe, my disdain for WordPress was so deep that I wouldn’t even offer it as a service. To be honest, I crashed The Manuscript 24 hours before it’s initial launch because I had no clue as to what I was doing.  That is defiantly the ugliest part about my WordPress fiasco, talk about a panic. I had no idea if I was going to make my scheduled launch date. I was cursing WordPress out! I mean using all the words. However, some good did grow from this ugly.

I didn’t allow that mishap to defeat me, but I had to pull through some bad growing pains.  I read up on WordPress and created fake sites to see what the nuances were and how things work so that I became more comfortable with it. I read articles, joined WordPress groups, and watched videos. I never wanted to feel like I did when I crashed my blog. I really felt helpless, and I don’t do helpless well. My skills became better because I went through that ugly situation with my blog.

Eventually, I was asked to redo a website for a book author and I gladly accepted the challenge.  I am now elbows deep in the redesign and I don’t dread working on the project because I took the time to learn something that I wasn’t familiar with. Be on the look out because we plan to relaunch her site in August! Talk about turning some ugly into good. I am not WordPress Guru however, I refuse to let it defeat me.

My ugly turned into bad and eventually became good. Keep striving and make your ugly the good. It doesn’t have to stay ugly.

  1. Marie says:

    Love this! Learn to love what you hate, proud of you!

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