Creative Workshop!!


Hi loves!! I have been missing in action and I truly apologize for not blogging. I blinked and a month had already passed!! I have been super busy and I am finally having some time to reflect on some things. If you follow my Instagram and Facebook you may have noticed that Marie and I did an official collaboration and created the Creative Workshop for New Creatives. It was a small intimate workshop that allowed new photographers to receive hands on training when is comes to curating their brand and wedding photography. It was very fun and informative.

We set up two shoots for them, had classroom instruction and discussions about being a creative. It was a full and busy day!!! The participants walked away with fresh images that they can use and tools that helps them understand the importance of consistency, how to be consistent and how imperative it is to know who their ideal client is. for our first workshop, I think is was an over all successful. we learned some thing for next time that we would prefer to keep and some things that we want to let go. It is all about growth and development.

How did we decide to start a workshop? We really wanted to not only talk the “community over competition lifestyle” but we wanted to live it. We knew that focusing on creating those things that we wished existed would be the best way to move forward.  We wished that someone had sat us down and gave us some nuggets for creating a successful business, so we created this one day workshop that helps break the tip of the iceberg. We plan to host workshops in the future. Currently, we are planning one for September, so be on the look out. The pieces are all falling together in this chaotic life of mine and I wouldn’t change it for the world!! If you are no following our Creative Workshop Instagram page you can find it here.  Also take a look at some of the photos from the workshop!! Isn’t the couple so adorable?

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