Amore Boutique


Hi there!! I am so excited about the expansion of my company that will be officially launching on August 31! I chose the name “Amore Boutique” because it reminds me of my favorite country, Italy. Amore means love in Italian and everything about weddings should exude love and happiness.  Every intimate detail in your wedding should be carefully chosen and given attention. That is the mission of the Amore Boutique.

The inspiration for starting this journey stems from me creating my own invitations for my wedding. I loved curating and setting the stage for my wedding. I think wedding invitations give your attendees an idea of what to expect when they attend. As I went through the process of selecting paper, finding fonts, and choosing accents I knew that this didn’t feel like work, it was something that I enjoyed.

The boutique will offer four collections:  Donatella, Caterina, Belladonna, and the Constantina. Each collection is unique and is customized to meet the needs of any bride. This endeavor is very near to me and because of that it has taken a long time to launch. I’ve taken my time to settle on the details to ensure that everything is exactly how I want it, high quality, and not rushed. I also conducted research to identify who my ideal client is, create items that speak to them, and to keep the same aesthetic as the rest of the Organized Chaos brand.

I am overjoyed and full of excitement about the expansion. I can’t wait to reveal the collection to you guys. Follow my Instagram to see the happenings and sneak peeks.

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