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Hey loves! August has been a whirlwind of networking, growth, and prosperity. I feel like I made a birthday wish and it came true with all the blessing that have come and that I know are coming my way. I just have to keep grinding and believing.  However, I did’t jump on to give you a testimony, I really wanted to tell you how excited I am about our feature on the Trendy Bride Magazine Blog. First let me say that it was a little boost that I needed to continue on the Amore Boutique journey. I honestly didn’t know if my work was even good enough, that little thing called self doubt creeps in at the worst moment.  I am grateful that Marie submitted the photos and even more grateful about them being selected.

When I received the notification that our shoot was selected to be featured I was ecstatic.  Marie takes awesome photos, so I had no doubt that her work would be chosen to be featured in any publication. As for me, let’s be honest, I haven’t officially launched the Amore Boutique, I was struggling with self doubt, and wondering if I was trying to do too much too soon. I was starting to wonder if I was  putting the cart before the horse? When I am not 100% sure I just let things flow and know that things will fall into place and trust me they are still falling.

When I tell you that I was floating when I received the notification that Trendy Bride tagged me in a post on IG! Out of all the photos from that shoot they chose to feature my invites on their Instagram page, “Shut the front door!” I believe in signs. Sometimes you just need a sign to let you know you are going in the right direction. Those moments that I wasn’t sure, was dragging my feet about launching, and not confident in my work was dispelled because I was sent my burning bush. The signs are out there, you just have to open your eyes to see them.

Check out the Trendy Bride Blog here.

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