It’s Been A While


Hey there loves! It has been forever since I’ve written on my blog. Almost a year and I am so ashamed that it has been so long. So what’s new with me since the last time I checked in with you guys? To start with my wedding went off without a hitch and we are still going strong! After the marriage madness was over I had more time to pick up more projects however, I had less time to blog. I feel like I have grown so much as a person, designer and a business owner.

I had my one year bizaversary in January that was accompanied with a complete re-brand and new headshots. My first year I took advice from a ton of people and I appreciate every bit of it. As I evolved and approached my one year I felt like my company wasn’t an adequate representation of me. A little reflection and evaluation goes a long way. The values were there and the why stayed the same but the aesthetics just were not me. It didn’t feel authentic. That is what sparked the re-brand. During the re-brand I planned everything from the location of the photos to the font found on my site. My new visual aesthetics are completely amazing to me and definitely conveys my message more accurately.  How do I know my message is conveyed? I am booking clients that I love and enjoy working with. I’m actually booking out months in advance!

I sit back and I look at how far my business has come. I started it with a half working laptop and used my income taxes to purchase the basics. I actually used to take all my photos with an iPhone, but I actually have a cannon that shoot with now. (Won’t he do it?) I have been featured twice, was s sponsor to Thursday Therapy in Kansas City in February, helped grow over 20 business and the list goes on and on. I stopped focusing on Instagram likes and started focusing on invoices. I just wanted to blog and let you all know that I am still here and I promise to try to get you all a blog at least twice a month. I know better so I have to do better, it’s only right!

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