Life’s Seasons


Hey Loves!! This one is more personal. I was thinking about seasons. No I don’t mean  winter, summer, spring, and fall. I am talking about the seasons of your life. You have seasons that you consider to be good and others that you consider to be bad. However, both seasons are need to complete your journey. The Earth needs spring time so that things can blossom and the sunlight from the summer to help them grow. In the fall we harvest everything so when winter comes those things are able to hibernate and prepare for the rejuvenation of the spring. Your bad season prepares you for your good and the good help you set goals when things are bad. Does that make sense?

Let’s get a little deeper. We say all the time that some people are only seasonal. I think it has such a negative connotation. Being a seasonal person isn’t a bad thing. It just means that you were not meant to continue on to the next season. We all see what happens when winter starts butting into spring right? The entire journey is thrown off. Plants don’t bloom in time and people get sick because they were in “spring” mode. If a person is not meant to journey to your next season it’s ok. There is nothing wrong with loving people from a distance.  Just because the season is over doesn’t mean that the love is lost. If you can relate let me know in the comments and enjoy your Sunday.

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