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Building a network and communicating with other entrepreneurs is a great way to not only grow your business, but is also an opportunity to learn something from those who may be in a different field than you are. In honer of National Small Business Week I wanted to collaborate with someone that isn’t in a creative field. While I was brainstorming idea, in comes Samantha Elizabeth. She is an Organization Strategist with the best energy. When you can admit to being a “hot mess” you are good in my book.  LOL. Samantha agreed to write a blog post for me and I am so glad that that she is allowing her network to meet with mine. That’s enough blabbing from me, meet Samantha Elizabeth.

My only true passion growing up was to travel the world, it was not really a passion I thought I could really make an income doing. After graduating from university, my career path took me down the road of administration work. I was good at work but I really felt like I was missing something in life.

One day I decided to quit the 9-5 life and use my saving to travel for the next few years. I thought I would go off and come back home in 3 years. By then I thought I would finally be ready to settle down and really enjoy the 9-5 life.

Instead about a year and a half into my travels, I stumbled across other travelers running their own Virtual Assistant business. After doing my own research and learning all I could, the impossible came true for me. I was able to travel the world and make an income doing all the admin work that I excel at!


That is when Miss Samantha Elizabeth was born and I began to offer Virtual Admin services to small-business owners. I am so happy I chose this path and love the work. Right now I am in a bit of a transition to a Virtual Project Manager role to work a bit closer with clients and be a guide to help them scale their business!

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