Stepping back into blogging….. it’s been a while


It has been years since I wrote a blog post and I must admit that when initially started blogging back in 2018 I didn’t have any strategy, rhyme or reason. I just posted whenever I wanted to, about whatever without thinking about the messaging or impact that I want to have on my readers. The truth is I didn’t respect the impact that blogging has on your business and web traffic. All I new is someone told me “you should blog” and that’s what I did in a round about, kinda time wasting way.

Fast forward to 2022 and here I am in front of my computer again picking this blogging thing back up because I have evolved as a business owner. By evolved, I now have clarity on the impact that our work has for our clients. It is not just a logo or visual branding, it goes beyond that. We are providing them with the means to be invited into corporate space while being confident in their brand. We are providing change makers with impactful messaging and visuals through the phases of our a Bone A Fide Framework.

I know there’s a recession and people are making cuts in their business. To be honest our economy has been driving towards being in shambles for years, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need an impactful brand presence. There is money to be made from large companies because they are struggling to find people to work. They are out sourcing a lot of their business needs because they don’t have the people in house to make it happen. If you want to get into those spaces and create an impact, you must have a brand that you are confident in and that represent you authentically.

Having a cohesive, well thought, and strategic brand also creates legitimacy for your business. When companies are researching your business and what you provide, a consistent, cohesive brand brings legitimacy to who you are.

Here are three parts of your brand that could be skewing the perception of how legitimate your business is:

?? Client experience/reviews. Does your organization consistently deliver on your promise and do customers receive the same experience. Are you actually creating the transformation that you promise.

?? Your messaging, is it consistent. Are you jumping on fads or are you practicing what you preach. (They notice you haven’t advocated for change since you placed that black box on your timeline)

??Your colors. Are you consistently using the same colors and fonts? The use of the same visuals repetitiveness creates recognition. Having a signature color can boost your recognition by 80% according to a study on reboot online.

As you debate if you “officially” need to be branded, think about the limitations that’s you place on your business if you don’t. Maybe you are not ready hire someone to tackle this branding things for you and that’s ok. Use this link to grab our masterclass bundle that walks you through the highlights of our Bone A Fide Framework.

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