DEI + JEDI Beyond The Corporate Space


We work with DEI and JEDI organizations because diversity of people and equitable environments should be a human right instead of something that has to be advocated for. Until that happens, we will continue to champion for DEI and JEDI companies and help them build impactful brands. On average, people in America spend more time at work than they do at home. Honestly that is sad, but since you are at work majority of the time, work should be a safe place to be yourself without bias. People need to feel safe emotionally and physically while in the work place and as you can see by watching the news, people aren’t even safe when doing simple things such as grocery shopping or going to church.

With the massacre of people in the Buffalo, NY shooting we see that the work that DEI and JEDI organizations needs to be extended outside of the workplace because some people are just plain racist and hateful and it pisses me off. Unfortunately we continuously see incidents like this across our country. Where people have the audacity to take another person’s life because they hate something about the other person. Something as simple as skin color makes them so upset that they feel privileged enough to take another life. I will never understand that way of thinking and to be honest, I don’t want to.

DEI and JEDI has a place across all dimensions in this country, not just the workplace. I have a coworker whose high school aged son organized a walkout to bring awareness to the high suicide rate of the LBGTQ+ community of color. The fact is that those of use who are not the “norm” (I use that word loosely) are having a hard time coping and dealing with the oppression of our society. And those that are not oppressed feel entitled to handle the oppressed any way they see fit.

Our mission is help DEI organizations get into corporate spaces so they can be the change we so desperately need. I am sure I am like so many other citizens of America that are tired of people being so racist, hateful, and privileged. If you are ready to make you brand VOICE be heard use this link to schedule a call to see how we can help.

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