A Lifetime Mission


Over the past couple of years diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) has become a buzzword to the masses, but for those that depend on organizations and corporations to be inclusive it has been a lifelong fight. It’s not trendy or a bandwagon to jump on, but creating spaces where people feel safe to be who they are is a human right that has been constantly taken away and marginalized. The work of DEI companies will continuously be ongoing. Until companies and organizations change their culture, minorities, LGBTQ+ and those that are considered “abnormal” will always be forced to trade in their authenticity for a paycheck. Let that thought sink in.

That thought came to me a while ago and it has been with me every since. It was a hard truth that sat with me and forced me to refocus on who I wanted to serve and why. I saw that in the world around me, both in and out of my 9-5, that people were struggling to be themselves in their “professional” environment. I thought back to when a person of higher rank than me told me I was brave for wearing my natural hair because at her level she would be viewed as less than and unkept. Or to the workshop I attended in college called “We Wear The Mask” that taught us the importance of code switching so we, as black students would be accepted in corporate spaces once we entered the workforce. I also thought about “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” and how for years men and women that were willing to die for their country were dying inside everyday hiding who they are because of fear of discharge.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion isn’t a trend or a buzzword, it is something thousands of people were fighting for everyday.

Due to years of seeing people forced into a box to make others comfortable, I wanted to do my part to ensure that corporate spaces are changed. That the right people are put in place to shift corporations from the traditional B.S. of what they consider professional and show them that that old way of thinking is dead. This is why we help rebrand DEI businesses. We refine their brand and equip them with the tools to get a foot in the door of businesses that are failing their employees by not creating safe and equitable workplaces. This is why we create their website, help them refine their brand foundation, and provide them with website copy that jumps off the page. When it comes to branding people who don’t know better think a powerful brand is optional. That you can DIY yourself into the big leagues. I’m telling you that is a myth. It is more than a a great website, colors and brand. It’s a catalyst to freedom for black people to feel comfortable at work with their natural hair. It’s instilling empathy and understanding into organizational leadership to ensure that those homosexual employees are not dying inside everyday trying to hide who they are. Or the creation of a safe space so that people of color don’t feel the need to “wear the mask” to keep their job.

Rebranding DEI companies is a mission that our company has been on for a while because without helping them gain access to this big companies we are doing our race and future generations a disservice. For decades, people of color have been groomed to shrink to fit in. Because of DEI organization we are seeing some progress and people are not afraid to showup authentically, but there is so much more work to be done.

I am living my feminine, black blickty black life and embracing those that are different inside and outside my business. Those values are imperative to healthy working environments and because of that we are helping DEI companies strut into corporations and show them how to embrace the differences in their employees. We are showing them that it is more than a brand through our services and through our brand new podcast that is dropping in the next few days!!

Our podcast, More Than A Brand, is a straight no chaser demystification of branding. We are so excited about the release of our podcast that we are giving a $75 Amazon gift card away to one person who registers with this link and leaves a review on our podcast that will be released on June 13. The deadline for the giveaway is June 17th and the winner will be notified on June 18th. Keep an eye on the blog and our socials to keep up with More Than A Brand.

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