I’m Not Going To Front, Your Girl Is Nervous.


OMG!!! I’m really dropping a podcast. I feel like an artist about to drop a mix tape!! When I tell you this has been an idea I flirted with for years I am not exaggerating. I knew that voice and video were my preferred method of spreading my message and my wisdom, but to be honest I was afraid and being just plain lazy. You know you hear those gurus talk to you about “focus on one thing,” so I thought if I focused on creating a podcast then I was breaking the golden rule and focusing on something that I didn’t need to focus on. However after having Angie Jordan snatch my edges in all her post about podcasting I decided it was time to make the leap. (BTW if you need a podcast launch bestie check her out here)

Recording episodes for More Than A Brand felt completely natural. I was able to just talk without fear of sounding stupid or worrying about my southern twang. While recoding I knew that I was choosing a platform that fits who I am and not doing what everybody and their momma was saying I needed to do. I preach that people need to have the space to show-up authentically and that is what creating More Than A Brand was for me. It was me creating a space where I show up authentically and doing what I love. It was another block on my little internet street that I was able to say to the world, this is me and this is why I will continue to serve DEI organizations, point blank, period, the end!

As June 13 gets closer, I find myself filling with excitement and anxiety. What if the only person who listens is my momma? Or what if is a hit, how will I be able to followup with another great product? You see, it’s like that when you embark on a new journey. Currently, the journey that is making me excited and nervous is my podcast, for you it could be hiring that VA or choosing to rebrand your company. That’s some scary, shit. The fear of the unknown is real, but we can not allow it to paralyze us and keep us stagnant in our business. Sharing my thoughts on this journey so far has been therapeutic and even if there is only one person who reads this blog or listens to my podcast, I know that I stopped talking about an action and I acted on it.

Don’t forget that we are doing a giveaway for a $75 Amazon gift card away to one person who registers with this link and leaves a review on our podcast that will be released on June 13. The deadline for the giveaway is June 17th and the winner will be notified on June 18th.

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