Bonafide For A Reason


We named our framework, Bonafide Framework because we take all the inauthentic parts of your brand and toss them out the window. Let’s be honest, when you are unauthentic your brand is trash or in the words of my Spanish speaking friends, BASURA! We don’t want your business thinking it’s branding is hot shit and ready for corporate clients when it isn’t.- Friends Don’t Let Friends Have Bad Branding.  

So what is the Bonafide Framework? It’s a three phase approach to rebrand your business from brand foundation, brand identity (logo, colors, and fonts), website, and website copy. This process has helped our clients transition from being unseen and misrepresented to booking corporate clients by being exactly who they are. Missy Elliot isn’t the only one flipping and reversing it! Here’s the three phases.

Phase 1: Remove The Façade. We solidify your brand and your values and do competitor research to find where you can stand out. 

Phase 2: Work The Crowd. We create the visuals that get the crowd worked up as they’re standing on your website, on your social media, on your pamphlets. When people like what they see, they’ll be enticed.  

Phase 3: Curb Appeal. We build the website and pull it all together. We create the curb appeal so people are willing to knock on your door to get your help. 

The very definition of bonafide is the end result of your brand when we work together.  No more cookie cutter. No more doing what the IG Gurus are doing because it worked for them. No more using fifty’leven colors in your color pallet. No more just showing up any kind of way thinking you are going to yield the results you want.

The one thing we LOVE about our framework is, some of our clients qualify to book one phase to complete the brand of their dreams. We are a full service agency, but if you have already had a professional complete some of the work prior to hiring us, we can take you all the way to the finish line.

So here’s how to do that. If you have already worked with a brand strategist and you have your logo, colors, and a brand guide that clearly articulates your brand values and target audience then we can jump straight into phase 2 or 3. Of course we need to see what you’re working with before we decide to go that route, but it is an option.

Our mission to build authentic brands for DEI Consultants and Organizations to empower them to have:

  1. Confidence in their brand
  2. Consistency across all platforms
  3. Clear understanding of the impact their visuals has on their trajectory

If you want to learn more about our Bonafide Framework, listen to episode five of More Than A Brand by clicking here.

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