until we are able to redefine success, our authenticity will always be traded in for a paycheck 

Here's how we help redefine success and contribute to societal change

If your company's brand isn't aligned with your new direction, you want to attract corporate clients, and you are ready to be seen as a powerhouse- read about the Brand Refinement


Your brand is already aligned and your website is completed, but you are struggling to improve user experience and keep your collateral items on brand- read about Maintain My Brand


see MOre
See MOre

We equip you with the confidence in your brand so you no longer feel like your business is..... "too black, too bossy, too educated, too passionate, or too loud."  After working with us, you have more insight and clarity on your ability to transform corporate companies. 

Here is a big fact!

FACT: Black women are the most educated demographic in the United States, but often shield their authenticity because of the impact it can have on their job. The organizations that we work with are changing that narrative.  Is that you?

Are you ready to strut into corporate America and create a shift in culture?

Is our signature framework that will position your company to transform the culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the corporate environment. 

Bona fide



the brand refinement: full Rebrand Package

If you would like to be considered for a la carte services ie website only, apply below.

Impactful, effective, & results driven. This intensive focuses on eliminating your stagnating brand elements & replacing them with invigorating visuals that represent your company fully. 




We will begin with an analysis of your brand, followed by removing things from your business that no longer suit your vision. Our strategist will help you find your business VOICE.... You will no longer feel like a stranger in your own business. 

The next phase will focus on your audience and start creating elements that attract them. This phase is all about the logos, fonts, and colors. You will spend significant one on one time with our resident copywriter to create copy that speaks to a corporate audience.

Start attracting the right people with a website that grabs their attention and keeps them coming back for more. Your website works for you 24/7, it should be your best employee. 

brand VOICE refinement

1:1 visual brand development

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What some designers won't tell you is it takes a collective of elements to make your brand excel. One website won't make you a millionaire. It is a collective of understanding your brand,  yourself, your ideal client, your brand visuals and your copywriting that takes you to the next level.  We created this agency to be a one stop shop so you don't have to look for all those professionals and piecemeal them together, you can hire them in one place at one time.  If you want only one portion of our framework apply below to see if you qualify. 

How would it feel to have a design agency to maintain and improve your brand constantly ?

Companies often loose momentum in their new brand because they don't have the infrastructure to maintain it. Months go by and they realize that they don't have time to keep up with updating their website, pulling and reading analytics, deciphering user experience data, adding new product launches,  and designing course handouts,

Maintaining a brand and a website requires constant creating and analyzing. To assist companies with maintaining their brands, we  use data from their website to know where to make improvements. For example, the purple button may resonate more than the yellow when analyzing user behavior. We also create templates for course handouts, add new offers to the website and keep a quarterly back up of your site in house.  We offer this service for a minimum of two quarters a year.

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 your brand


currently, You're probably asking yourself these questions or making these excuses 

I've DIYed myself this far, why spend money doing something I have already done before? Here's the deal friend, you have gotten this far, but you are not happy about where you are & you are working for your business instead of it working for you. A true CEO knows that when you let go, you grow.

I hired a designer from Fiverr before and it was a nightmare. Let's be honest, you get what you pay for. The beauty of the Brand Refinement Intensive is that you are working with a Brand Identity Design Agency, a team that integrates your business values, color psychology and customer attraction methods vs hiring someone that is just creating something cheap. 

Can I book some parts of the brand refinement? The short answer is YES. You will still have to go through the application process to see if you qualify to receive only a portion of the Brand Refinement. On our discovery call we will discuss what would be the best option for you to work with us. 

There's something about a bold Brand!

What's holding you back now?

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Doing Nothing is the same as doing something....

As you ponder if The Brand Refinement Intensive is right for you, remember that your choice to not act is the same as making a choice to remain stagnant. Don't continue to stand in your own way.