FACT: Most entrepreneurs are ghosted- when people stop responding & don't purchase, because their brand visuals, ie logo & website are misleading and customers are unsure of what to expect 
FACT: You attract what you put out bottom line is if you look cheap people expect cheap, that logo with your face on it screams amateur and low quality, time to let it go

Do people inquire about your prices & ghost you after you reply?

Is a 4 week intensive that will position you to remove the facade (show-up like yourself in your businesses- how awesome would that be?), work the crowd (grab the attention of your customers like Beyonce when she stands on stage) and boost the curb appeal of your business (think of me as the Olivia Pope of your brand, all the visuals are HANDLED). 





intensive duration: 4 Weeks
20% deposit + 2 Payments 

Fast, effective, & Results driven. this Intensive focuses on eliminating your restraining brand elements & replacing them with invigorating visuals that represent you fully. 

Remove The Facade

Work the Crowd

Curb Appeal

We will begin with an analysis of your brand, followed by removing things from your business that no longer suit you, learning to incorporate your story and solidify your brand personality.... basically, people need to know who they are doing business with.

The next phase we will focus on your audience and start creating elements that attract them. This phase is all about the logos, fonts, and colors. Did I mention you will work one on one with a Copywriter?

Start attracting the right people with a website that grabs their attention and keeps them coming back for more. Your website works for you 24/7, it should be your best employee. 

brand personality refinement

1:1 visual brand development

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How would it feel to have someone on your team to handle them for you? 

can't keep up with your visual needs?

Your website is complete, you have your brand colors, fonts, logos and everything you need to stand out. Months go by and you realize you don't have time to keep up with updating your website, new product launches, course handouts, and creating graphics for your social media.

You hired an assistant, but she focuses on administrative tasks and her plate is already full. You are starting to feel overwhelmed because creativity and technology just aren't in your zone of genius. 

You didn't come this far to fall back into the hotmess, broken link, incohesive amateur looking brand  shenanigans you were in before. Put me on your team coach to handle it during your busy months so you can stay ahead! 

3 month retainer
20% Deposit

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currently, You're probably asking yourself these questions or making these excuses 

I've DIYed myself this far, why spend money doing something I have already done before? Here's the deal friend, you have gotten this far, but you are not happy about where you are & you are working for your business instead of it working for you. A true CEO knows that when you let go, you grow.

I hired a designer from Fiverr before and it was a nightmare. Let's be honest, you get what you pay for. The beauty of the Brand Refinement Intensive is that you are working with a Brand Identity Designer, someone that integrates your business values, color psychology and customer attraction methods vs hiring someone that is just creating something pretty. 

I don't need a year worth of support, just give me the 4 weeks People like to think that change is linear. The truth is with any habit there are going to be ups and downs, just like with dieting, some days your on it and others you eat pizza. The resources are there to help you and remind you people want to know the real you.

Can I keep my current logo during refinement? No you may not. We will start this intensive with me giving you a blind audit. That means that I go through your website(you must already have a website prior) and social media and let you know what your brand saying in plain sight. That logo might have to go, but if it does I'll create you a new one during curb appeal.

What past clients had to say about being empowered to showup authentically

Shun'Nita Washington

Wedding Photographer- Kansas City, MO

"For a long time I was afraid to call myself a professional photographer because I wasn't full time. After learning to integrate my story I am confident in who I am and my services.  This is Ah-mazing! This is a BLESSING and the color scheme blends soooo well. You conveyed everything that we discussed and it sends the correct message. I can not thank you enough, your work is so amazing. "

Tanesha Williams

Makeup Artist- Glen Burnie, MD

"Lindsay is a CREATIVE!!! She studies your brand and your style and will help you take it to another level. .... What I was doing before was so bland and she brought it to life. Thank you! Ya'll look no further...Lindsay is your go to!"

What's holding you back now?

This is the fun and easy part. I will get to know you and will get to know me. We will discuss what you are looking for and there is no commitment. Just two people building a relationship and chatting. We will chat via Zoom to simulate being face to face.



So we have discovered that we are made for one another. I will send over a contract and an invoice. You have 3 days to sign your contract and pay your deposit of $2,000. There are only two intensives scheduled a month, if your deposit is not paid then you don't have a seat at the table.

Contract & Invoice


We will do a lot of refining and clarifying who you are as a business owner. I will force force you to throw away anything that is not working and learn how to stay intentional and true to your brand foundation.

 Remove the Facade & Work the Crowd


After we complete the transformation process, I will start creating visuals to solidify all that you have learned throughout the 10 days of transformational training. I told you this is more than the pretty stuff!  

Curb Appeal


 We've made it through the revisions and I will send you the final product for approval!! FINALLY, you're officially empowered to take your business to the next level.


Start Process


Doing Nothing is the same as doing something....

As you ponder if The Brand Refinement Intensive is right for you, remember that your choice to not act is the same as making a choice to remain stagnant. Don't continue to stand in your own way.