Your brand is what sets you apart from others in your field. It is your business footprint on the world. Your vision, messaging, and passion combined with my creative innovation will help us create a brand strategy and elements that work!  


Level Up 

TimeLine: 4 weeks

Web Design 

Websites work for you 24/7. Stop wasting time and hours repeating to the same things when you can direct people to your website.
Must be branded before booking and have all required items. Download the info packet for more info.

Next Level

Timeline: 4-6Weeks

If so let me save you! We can start with your brand strategy and if that is done we can get your website working for you. 

are you tired of wasting time and effort?

All The Way Up

Brand Curation and Website combination.

Timeline: 8-10 Weeks

Boss all the way up with our web & brand Duo

Are you ready
To Level up yet?
Download Info Packet Now

This is the fun and easy part. I will get to know you and will get to know me. We will discuss what you are looking for and there is no commitment. Just two people building a relationship and chatting. How we chat is up to you. A facetime or skype meeting  would be awesome.

 Chit Chat


So we have discovered that we are made for one another. I will send over a proposal based on what we've discussed.  



I know everyone gets weary when it comes to the word "contract." Don't fret and don't be nervous. It is a legally binding agreement that protects you and me just in case something happens. It's highly unlikely that we won't make it through the design process, but this is our safety net. We will also set up a payment plan that works for you.



 After you sign your contract, you will pay your non-refundable $500 deposit. Once paid, your date is locked in and we will start the process according to our timeline



We will do a a lot of back and forth and talking about your brand and building your strategy. This is a collaborative effort so there will be deadlines. You got this babe! 

 Creative Excursion


Once I start creating your products you will receive drafts and we will make revisions. You only are allowed two revisions, but usually after the first draft we only need one. 



 We've made it through the revisions and I will send you the final product for approval!!



You will receive an invoice for final payment along with your final draft.



I will send you all your files via Dropbox and the rest is history! 


The Nitty Gritty