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Lindsay is the best, she is very understanding and had so much patience. I am a new business owner and this was my first branding experience. I will be using her services again in my next business venture.  Thank you!

Officially branded!!

Lindsay designed our logo and is currently designing our welcome magazine for our clients. She is amazing and so creative. Her attention to detail is impeccable and she has allowed me to proof the magazine many times as we work through the details. If you are in need of design products don’t hesitate to contact her, you won’t regret it!!!!. 

Such a fun experience

I love my logo for Project Butterfly Bliss. Organized Chaos did a fantastic job capturing my vision for mentorship and empowerment. Beginning a new business is not easy, but having those that understand your heart truly adds to the excitement. 

A true professional

I had a vision for my business and Organized Chaos Design Company made it a reality. I told her about me, my goals and and what I needed and she put it all together. It was a fresh and innovative start to my business. She was very patience, creative, honest and very professional. From start to finish she made the process easy and exciting. If you are looking for a fresh start to get your business noticed...CONTACT Organized Chaos Design Company TODAY!! 

Fresh and Innovative

Love Notes

Read some of our

Every client needs something different and has varying reasons why they are passionate about what they do. Cozy up to some of the creation stories here to see what these clients needed.  

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I met Bree via Facebook. I immediately fell in love with her work. The beautiful photos in the desert are so breathtaking. She knew that she wanted a cactus because there are a ton in Arizona and they are always popping up in her photos. Her logo and sublogo captures the essence of her photography style. 

Bree Marie Photography
Logo Design

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Custom sublogo and moodboard featuring her photos

For small business week Lininger Rood and I teamed up to give headshots and a logo to on KC small business owner. Alyssa was the lucky winner of our giveaway. She knew that she wanted a logo that reminded her of her time growing up on a farm. It also had to be whimsical and have those weeds that she thought were flowers as a child. 

Alyssa Elson 
Logo Design

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Custom Logo and Sublogo

Typography and Colors

Domonique Jenkins'Photography Branding 

I met Domonique while volunteering with a wonderful program, "Girl Scouts Beyond Bars." Eventually, bimonthly meetings budded into a friendship. Fast forward to now, and we are both starting creative businesses! A very exciting time for both of us, but a great opportunity for collaboration. During our first meeting about her photography company she mentioned that she just loves capturing moments. She didn't want to be put inside a box with her photography.  We played with so many color variations and finally decided on this purple and gray.  

Her brand needed to be versatile enough for family portraits, sports, and prom. We achieved this by using various shades of purple with grey to display the trustworthiness in the company.  

Check out her website designed by Organized Chaos here.  

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Kristina is a lovely novice photographer that wanted to start small in her branding journey. She chose to begin with a logo and work her way up. The vision she had for her logo was for it to stand up against more seasoned photographers. She hopes to get into high fashion photography as she perfects her skills. 

Kristina Janay Photography
Logo Design

This sleek simple logo is perfect for her budding business. Keep an eye out on my Instagram, because we are currently working on her website.  

The Sublogo

The Logo

Reverend Vontea Mann contacted me about creating her logo. She has created an organization that mentors young girls.  She is really passionate about being able to provide mentorship to young women and helping them find their way. She wanted to start with the logo and hopefully we will be able to create a website in the near future. 

Project Butterfly Bliss

The PBB audience consist solely of women. The logo epitomizes femininity and womanhood. We did a smaller sublogo that can be used in place of the main logo.

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Typography  & Colors

glo on the go by jesse

Jesse is the sweetest lady. She found OC through Instagram and we both had a mutual love for pink!! Talking to her during our process was like talking to an old friend. Not to mention she had that NC accent because she is a Carolina girl too!!

This is her first logo and was in love with the idea of it being in a circle.

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See full site here, at www.gloonthegobyjesse.com