Welcome to the blog!! Here is where you can get to know more about our company, client success stories, and  learn how your brand can take you to the next level. Grab a glass of wine, get ready to have your edges snatched because this is the straight, no chaser approach of branding.

Bonafide For A Reason

July 24, 2022

We named our framework, Bonafide Framework because we take all the inauthentic parts of your brand and toss them out the window. Let’s be honest, when you are unauthentic your brand is trash or in the words of my Spanish speaking friends, BASURA! We don’t want your business thinking it’s branding is hot shit and […]

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I’m Not Going To Front, Your Girl Is Nervous.

June 7, 2022

OMG!!! I’m really dropping a podcast. I feel like an artist about to drop a mix tape!! When I tell you this has been an idea I flirted with for years I am not exaggerating. I knew that voice and video were my preferred method of spreading my message and my wisdom, but to be […]

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DEI + JEDI Beyond The Corporate Space

May 18, 2022

We work with DEI and JEDI organizations because diversity of people and equitable environments should be a human right instead of something that has to be advocated for. Until that happens, we will continue to champion for DEI and JEDI companies and help them build impactful brands. On average, people in America spend more time […]

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