More Than A Brand


A straight to the point podcast about your brand with your branding homegirl!

I am here to demystify branding while relating to your branding struggles in a way that is understandable. 

meet me

Lindsay Tramel-Jones

Founder + Lead Designer of Organized Chaos Design Company

I’m a wife, mother, active duty soldier and entrepreneur. My love and understanding for all things mass-communication grew while attending Johnson C Smith University (JCSU) located in Charlotte NC. I received my BA in Mass-communication in 2006 from JCSU. During my time there I interned at several big name companies such as ESPNU and NBC. Those experiences taught me what it takes to reach the masses on a professional level. 

We rebrand DEI coaches that are tired of feeling like a stranger in their business and empower them to show up authentically. Our mission is to help women build their own tables so they no longer have to hustle to sit where they are not welcomed. Our agency is redefining success and demanding a change in the definition of “professionalism”

This mission fell on my lap on a random day I was sitting across from a male supervisor that told me “when women get promoted they don’t make decisions, they become the admin.” His audacity propelled me into the powerhouse I am becoming, and yes sir, I do make decisions and with an infant on my hip! 

More Than A Brand seasons consist of short episodes that help you understand why you need to get serious about your brand and look at the bigger picture of what it impacts.